Your website in safe hands

Do you need a safe service to manage your Catholic site? SIGNIS Easy Web handles all the websites created in a dedicated server, secure, well managed and updated. We offer:

• Domain Management Service

 • Web space and traffic management

 • Updating of the WordPress platform and plugin

 • Help desk and advice


The domain name is the address required to access a website. SIGNIS Easy Web provides the registration service and maintenance of the domain with the following extensions: .org, .com, .net


Each website needs a server where it will be hosted in order to function. The SIGNIS Easy Web sites will be hosted in a cloud server dedicated to Catholic sites. SIGNIS Easy Web is committed to keeping the site safe and providing a service with a good connection.


The websites are created and managed by Signis Web Easy and built on the Wordpress platform, which allows to manage websites independently by inserting different content: creation of pages with texts, images, video, link. 


To ensure the functionality of the website, the WordPress platform and the plug-ins installed will be constantly updated. That operation will be based on the last available update to offer maximum functionality and safety. We will perform all our service tasks through the Infinite WP platform which allows complete and rapid management of these aspects.