The services of SIGNIS Services Rome may be used only for lawful purposes. The publication of any material that violates one or more international, national or regional regulations is forbidden. This includes - but is not limited to, copyrighted material, material legally considered obscene or offensive, information covered by professional secrecy or information that violates the laws of privacy.

SIGNIS Services Rome has the right to suspend or cancel an account without notice if the customer violates one or more clauses of the present regulations.  After a warning in writing the account will be removed without refund. 

SIGNIS Services Rome has no responsibility or liability for any content published or maintained on its servers. The responsibility rests with the user/customer of the SIGNIS EASY WEB service and which manages its own site. 

SIGNIS Services Rome reserves the right to vary the conditions of use at any time at its discretion. In this case, the customer will have the right to cancel the service. 

Abusive cases that violate the rules of use are:

·         The mass sending of unsolicited emails, advertising material, commercial or non-commercial material, known as "spam" or "bulk email", through your account.

·         The insertion of erotic or “for adults only” web site material on sites not openly dedicated to this purpose.

·         The insertion of sensitive data are not authorized in its space.

·         The dissemination of material protected by copyright, without the prior consent of the owner.

·         The use of your account to provide services counter-server, banner-server or other cgi services aimed at a large number of users.

·         The dissemination of "hacked" material such as copied software, cracked software or serial numbers or activation codes of programs.

·         Access or attempt at illegal or unauthorized access, often known as "hacking", of computers or networks. 

·        It is prohibited to use or allow the use of the resources of an account by other sites or other servers.

For example: scripts, cgi, mp3 files, midi files, text, graphics, details on the data users and passwords, resources offered through embedded codes,  etc.


1.2 . SAFETY

By using the service, the Customer is solely responsible for the safety and the proper use of the data contained in his/her space. The Customer is obliged not to disseminate data access and not to allow third parties access to its reserved area. The Customer is responsible for the improper or malicious use of the account, even if this is done by a third party. By using our services, the Customer declares that he/she is aware of the fact that the hosting plans are public spaces available on the internet, therefore, the data in its web space are to be considered publicly accessible. As SIGNIS Services Rome cannot and is not available to prevent access to these data, then the web space of the customer should not contain sensitive data, data that violate privacy or data that violate copyright. The staff of SIGNIS Services Rome does not control the content on the web sites of its customers. SIGNIS Services Rome does not accept responsibility for processing personal data in out-sourcing.



SIGNIS Services Rome has the right to change at any time the technical characteristics of the service. The variations may be supplementary, to improve the operation of the service, or limiting, to restrict some features.

The supplementary changes may or may not be applied to old accounts, depending on the complexity of the modification of the service. Innovations may not be applied on production servers that host already active accounts.

If the customer wishes to benefit from the new technologies introduced after the activation of the account, he/she can request in writing an upgrade of the service or cancel it and buy a new solution.

If an account, which is subject to an upgrade required by the customer or for a transfer to a new server, has additional services activated, the termination of the main account involves deletion of the same, which should, therefore, be renewed again with a new subscription or upgraded. The cost of data transfer, and the operation of activation/deactivation will be charged to customers.


1.4 . Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SIGNIS Services Rome fully recognizes the importance of the availability of the server to their customers and therefore will do its best to ensure continuity of service and ensure maximum performance and uptime, except in cases of force majeure or in any case not dependent on the goodwill of SIGNIS Services Rome. SIGNIS Services Rome will do its best to ensure that the network of the data centre is reachable 99.9 % of the contract time. The remaining 0.1 % of the time will be used for maintenance work. The SLA uptime is for the operation on the entire network infrastructure including routers, switches, servers, and lines, as well as the reaching of a client's server.

The time in which a customer is not able to reach the server through a ping or traceroute is considered downtime and SIGNIS Services Rome records such failure by a written notice received by the customer. The time of downtime is measured from the time in which the client makes communication, up to the moment in which the client server is again able to transmit and receive data.

The SLA does not include the functioning of the software installed on the servers. In the case of disruptions of applications or services installed on servers due to factors not attributable to SIGNIS Services Rome, including interactions between visitors, actions of hacking and parts of sites that can prove harmful to the system, SIGNIS Services Rome is committed to restore in a pro-active mode within 48 hours, all services that were stopped by the interruption, without any cost to the customer, but will not be liable for any damage that might arise.

In the event of interruption of service for more than 48 hours, the customer has the right to reimbursement of the corresponding share of fixed rent for the period of interruption, but no compensation for the damage.


1.5 .A. BACKUP

SIGNIS Services Rome is not obliged to carry out on its own server the backup of the data present and is not responsible for lost or corrupted data. SIGNIS Services Rome does not guarantee on their servers any type of backup of the data. SIGNIS Services Rome performs, in any case, not guaranteed weekly backups on their servers relating to files and databases of web sites and applications.

In the event of loss or damage data caused by activities of hacking or technical problems, SIGNIS Services Rome, although not in any way responsible for both data and backups of the same, will restore, at their own expense, wherever possible and where available in the backup, the lost files or damaged ones starting from the last backup.

Data is backed up weekly on a day not indicated here.

The costumer, as the only one responsible for the files posted in its data space, will have to check for and identify any damage or loss as soon as possible and notify it immediately to SIGNIS Services Rome.

SIGNIS Services Rome is not obliged (since not responsible) to control the cancellation, modification or damage of customer files. In the case where the file could not be restored, SIGNIS Services Rome is not liable in any way for any damages whatsoever resulting from the loss or corruption of data. In the case where the loss or corruption of data derived from direct responsibility of the customer, SIGNIS Services Rome may, at its sole discretion, charge the cost for the time needed to perform the recovery when possible.



SIGNIS Services Rome does not guarantee an unlimited bandwidth (and therefore data traffic is not calculable) and unlimited availability of resources, nor does it guarantee as regards to hosting services and sending and receiving of email. In the event of overload of download/upload data processing by the customer or anyone who uses the services connected to it, SIGNIS Services Rome will analyse the situation and will define the solution in agreement with the customer. The final solution may have additional costs that SIGNIS Services Rome will invoice to the customer. The customer will have the possibility of cancelling services as defined in paragraph 4.2 of the present contract.



Any damages will be requested by SIGNIS Services Rome for direct and/or indirect damage caused by the use or non-use of the service. A customer that accepts the present conditions, releases expressly and integrally SIGNIS Services Rome from any civil or criminal responsibility arising from illegal use, misuse, or abnormal service, even if caused by third parties through the customer system. SIGNIS Services Rome is not responsible for files contained in the space available and anyone can have access to information published by the customer on their site, given the public nature of the network. SIGNIS Services Rome in no case will be held responsible for the malfunctioning of the service resulting from - but not limited to - faults, overloads or interruptions to data transmission lines, telephone lines, electrical global and national networks.



·         The contract has a duration of 1 year from the date of signature of the present conditions. 

·         If not renewed by the deadline, the same is understood as resolved and expired. 

·         The costs of the services offered are invoiced in an annual rent. 

·         All services are invoiced before their activation. 

·         The method of payment is bank transfer to the account number indicated at the bottom of the invoice; in case of non-payment of any debts, interest will apply at the rate of the dlg 231/02



The activation of the sites takes place after the receipt of evidence of payment of the invoice for the service activation. 

At the first activation of the service both the activation cost and the annual fee for services guaranteed to the customer will be required to be paid in advance. 

The contract, together with the related services, are automatically renewed -   according to the new conditions that will be communicated to the customer - with the payment of the annual fee for services chosen for the following year. 

This payment, in order to be valid, must be made within the terms of payment described in the invoice. 

Notices for the renewal of the service are sent to customers at least 30 days before the expiry of the service. 



The termination of the service can be requested at any time by the customer, by a written communication to SIGNIS Services Rome with a notice of at least 30 days. 

A demand of cancellation of the domain must also be carried out at least one month before the expiry of the same and will not be refunded for the period not enjoyed before the expiry of the contract for annual rent. 

SIGNIS Services Rome, at its own discretion, may decide to reimburse the customer for the quarterly share remaining at the expiry of the service.

In the event of cancellation, the data present on the active service of the customer, if they were legally property of the customer, can be requested from SIGNIS Services Rome in advance of the date scheduled for deactivation of the service. If not requested, the data will be deleted as a consequence of the deactivation of the service and will not be recovered.



In the event of non-renewal of the contract or  non-payment of the invoice relating to the annual fees  within the time limits provided, the service will be suspended (subsequently deleted) and therefore no longer working; all this without the need of notice, being this condition expressly accepted by the Customer. It is without prejudice to the duty of settling the balance of unpaid invoices. 

The domains associated with any suspended service cannot be transferred. To be able to transfer them they need to be re-enabled (section 4.4 ) on the expiry date of the service or at least to make the registration of the domain name linked to the service.

The service can also be temporarily suspended by SIGNIS Services Rome in case of verification of non-observation of other contractual clauses. In this case, SIGNIS Services Rome will first of all indicate the abuse by the activation of temporary suspension asking the customer to make the due changes within a specified period. The service will be restored once the problem that caused the temporary suspension is solved. 



It is possible to ask for after few days of suspension, the REACTIVATION OF THE SUSPENDED SERVICES. 

Reactivation cannot be guaranteed for all domains: from time to time, SIGNIS Services Rome will verify this possibility depending on the type of domain and the timing of the arrival of the request for reactivation. 

The reactivation involves the payment of the annual fee + an additional cost of reactivation, charged to the customer. 

On asking for the reactivation, the customer accepts the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement (together with its changes).  The amounts of reactivation should be paid in advance.



If the renewal is not done within the expiry of the contract or the reactivation beyond the expiry of the same, SIGNIS Services Rome has the right to cancel the service, as well as all optional or additional services connected to it, even though they have different expiry dates compared to the main service; all this without the need of notice to the customer and without prejudice to the right to payment of invoices.

In the case of a cancellation, the user account data are removed from the servers. In addition to the cancellation the root domain will be deleted, also additional services associated with the plan, including the domain, mail boxes, the DNS service, as well as other services hosted on the main platform. A cleared service cannot be restored or renovated.

DOMAINS not renewed or reactivated are liable to disappear completely and become publicly available for reallocation to third parties via back-order or via direct recording.



·         Strategic analysis; 

·         Web Design solutions and communication skills; 

·         Developing web solutions and communication skills; 

·         Assistance; 

·         Web Marketing; 

·         Hosting; 

·         Email; 

·         Domains; 

·         CMS and web platforms offered for annual subscription 

·         Content management.

In addition to the above services, SIGNIS Services Rome can offer further services if needed by the customer.



The economic conditions, the timing of development, the method of payment and details of the services and products offered are regulated by the contract (proforma) submitted and confirmed. Any variations compare to the defined contract will be charged separately.



The privacy of sensitive and business data of the customer in our possession, necessary for the design, development and maintenance of services, is assured according to the Privacy Code.

Reference is made to the Privacy Policy which can be consulted directly on the site http://my.garmin.com www.SIGNISrome.net/privacypolicy. The customer authorizes SIGNIS Services Rome the right to publish on its own sites content that refers to work performed for the client, citing SIGNIS Services Rome as maker or author.



For any dispute between the parties, the court of jurisdiction is that of Rome.